Over the last couple of years I have had the opportunity to work on many cools projects and websites. I’ve had to tackle a massive website for a local college that had tons of information. Though I didn’t have to do the content migration for the site (luckily I have pretty awesome co-workers!!!). I was the lone developer on the project.


I have also been lucky enough dive into the new world of voice apps and have created one public one for both Google Assistant and Amazon Echo. With the knowledge I learned from doing that project, I figured out how I could communicate with my (relatively) dumb TiVo box using only my voice. That was frustrating at times, but I managed to get a tiny app that started up Netflix on my TiVo box done in a few hours. From there is was fine-tuning and adding features (like voice search!!!). Check out a few of my projects below that I have either worked on, am working on, or haven’t quite had the ambition to start working on.